Sunday, July 11, 2010

New England

One of our favorite places to live was Newport, RI where Daddy studied at the Naval War College.  Not technically your first home, but we made most of our first year memories as a family of three here.  We did as much exploring as we could with an infant and I will proudly state that we did a lot of sightseeing with you and my breast pump in tow.
We looked around the L.L. Bean Store in Maine.  We even hit Boston including the Duck Tour and Salem, Mass. on Halloween day!  Great people watching! 

 This was a different looking McDonalds in Maine!

One weekend, we took a ferry to Block Island and stayed at a B&B.

Someday you'll have to watch the Shawshank Redemption to understand why driving through Buxton was fun for us.

Here you are looking out our window at the beautiful snow.

And in warmer temperatures at our town beach.

We also spent a weekend at Martha's Vineyard.

Closer to home were the many mansions along the Cliff Walk in Newport.  This is you and Daddy during a tour of the Breakers.

I took this picture at the "Kite park".  Beautiful spot to sit and watch sail boats.  Daddy learned to sail while we were stationed here and took us out on a boat a few times.

Here is Daddy with the very boat that brought the Pilgrims to America!  Ok, so it was an exact replica.
Me and Plymouth Rock.  (This is the actual rock).

Fall fun hanging around the house.

There is also a pretty popular movies in the 80's based on this pizza place in Connecticut.

So many awesome sights in the New England states!  You should go sometime when you can remember it!