Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sea World

Every year, the military family is extended free admission to Sea World.  Since we are living in GA, we were able to take advantage of this great offer. 

 Laken was glued to the whale show.  She enjoyed seeing the animals even more than we thought she would.
 Very cool to see a trainer surfing on the back of a dolphin!

 There was a big, beautiful Christmas tree at the exit of the park
Laken was passed out before we got out of the parking lot!

See ya next year, Sea World!  Next time we'll be a family of FOUR!

Friday, December 3, 2010

On the road again

Let's just say you spent a LOT of time in that car seat during Daddy's deployment.  Sometimes you were happy about it.

A lot of it, you slept.

 And once in a while, you puked.

Karli, Laken and I traveled from PA to NC to GA to get some fall clothes I had been lacking in PA and to check on the house.  It was a fun roadtrip.  We were both pregnant.  At one point we realized there were actually 5 females in the car!

We took advantage of the sights while we were in the area, such as Forsythe Park

And Tybee Island

You and I on our boatdock

We also spent a few days with Grandma and Grandpa Bailey while we were in PA.  You were a complete joy for them to be around.

Two of the sweetest females on this earth!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Do I have what it takes?

It's time to see what I'm made of.  I mean really made of.  I do believe that God brings you through anything He brings you to.  My challenge is to maintain a good attitude during the trials.  This may be my toughest challenge yet.  Single-parenting a 1-year-old during my first trimester of pregnancy (which for me meant utter exhaustion).  Barrett left for Iraq in July for four months.  I decided to spend my time in PA with my family during this time, which was a mixed blessing.  I cherished the company of my parents and being 'home', but slept on an air mattress in their living room for those four months.  Also, my dad ended up in the hospital for a couple weeks due to heart problems, so I helped out with mom's care.  We just moved into our house in GA before the deployment, so I hadn't made any friends yet to keep me here.  I wondered if perhaps I should have stayed in GA and began that process.  But, there would be time for that.  For now, I did my best making memories in PA while I had the rare opportunity to be there. 

A week before Daddy left, heading to our new neighborhood pool.

Saying goodbye to Daddy

The first leg of our trip to PA

The second leg

Made it safely.  Laken loves going for rides with Grandma all summer.  Zoom zoom!

I count this as a blessing.  Seeing an albino squirrel in my parent's backyard (he's on the wire).  We used to see them out back when I was a child.

We got to spend time with my childhood friend.

Laken helped mow the lawn and pick tomatoes!

As well as peel potatoes

You were rewarded for your 'chores' with ice cream.  Granddad actually RAN after the ice cream truck for this cone.  My mom and I laughed about how he wouldn't have run to get US ice cream!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New England

One of our favorite places to live was Newport, RI where Daddy studied at the Naval War College.  Not technically your first home, but we made most of our first year memories as a family of three here.  We did as much exploring as we could with an infant and I will proudly state that we did a lot of sightseeing with you and my breast pump in tow.
We looked around the L.L. Bean Store in Maine.  We even hit Boston including the Duck Tour and Salem, Mass. on Halloween day!  Great people watching! 

 This was a different looking McDonalds in Maine!

One weekend, we took a ferry to Block Island and stayed at a B&B.

Someday you'll have to watch the Shawshank Redemption to understand why driving through Buxton was fun for us.

Here you are looking out our window at the beautiful snow.

And in warmer temperatures at our town beach.

We also spent a weekend at Martha's Vineyard.

Closer to home were the many mansions along the Cliff Walk in Newport.  This is you and Daddy during a tour of the Breakers.

I took this picture at the "Kite park".  Beautiful spot to sit and watch sail boats.  Daddy learned to sail while we were stationed here and took us out on a boat a few times.

Here is Daddy with the very boat that brought the Pilgrims to America!  Ok, so it was an exact replica.
Me and Plymouth Rock.  (This is the actual rock).

Fall fun hanging around the house.

There is also a pretty popular movies in the 80's based on this pizza place in Connecticut.

So many awesome sights in the New England states!  You should go sometime when you can remember it!