Monday, February 7, 2011

Our family of four is complete

Well, now you know where daddy was during your birth.  While he spent 4.5 hours holding mommy's left leg during Laken's birth, he spent the duration of your arrival photographing some pretty gruesome images.  But Daddy likes to be where the action is.

So here you are, and if you're anywhere as observant as I am, you'll notice the time on the clock.  Records show you were born at 8:36 am.  So, which clock were they looking at when they determined that time?  You look pretty 'born' here to me.  The guy in the back is worth mentioning.  He was the anesthesiologist who comforted me while Daddy was in the trenches.  He was very nurturing. 
 I'm grateful to Daddy for these beautiful shots.

More gore.

 I don't wanna know what this is.

You were born at my request for a c-section because I had had enough vaginal pain for one lifetime after Laken's birth.  Sorry for the information, but I know one day you will ask, so there ya go.  I don't regret my decision.  I healed nicely and seeing you for the first time was just as magical as Laken's birth.

Now we are complete.  My beautiful, blessed, family of four.