Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween '12

It's that time of year again!  This is one of those days having two little girls is especially sweet!
The triplet neighbor girls, Hunter, Abby and Mia, enjoyed trick or treating with you.
They did the vampire thing.  It's really big right now. 
Laken had a little vampire-fun herself 

So cute! 
And off they go!  This has been quite an exciting, candy-filled day for you girls!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mud Run

I suppose it was time for a new challenge now that '1/2 marathon' has been checked off my bucket-list.  I ended up on a team of my most competitive friends (I wouldn't have it any other way).  This made me both nervous and determined.  A good mix, for me anyway.  There would be no goofing-off.  We were doing it to push our personal limits.  To win.
 This particular race was just over 4 miles with 20+ obstacles.  And a lot of mud!  The last obstacle took some coaching and motivating by my teammate, Laura.  It involved climbing a rope, up a slick-muddy wall with muddy shoes and hands making the ascent seem impossible.  But with the little strength and determination I had by then, I managed to get over it.
 Laura and I waited a few minutes at the end for the rest of our team, Tara and Brian to catch up.  Brian lost his shoes in the very first mud pit and stayed behind to dig them out.  Stubborn men who won't duct tape their shoes often fall behind. 
Although I was digging mud out of my toenails and ears for days, I will be doing this again.  We didn't win.  There were no prizes.  Just the gratification for the adventure and challenge-seeking, wild-streak that lives in people like me.


I think there's a good possibility you will take after me in the dance department (meaning you will be awesome).  Today we experienced the art of dance once again, this time, Zumba.  Who knows at this point if this is a passing fad in the fitness arena, but right now, in 2012, it's pretty hot.