Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pre-school-age 3

Oh, look at the big girl.  Mommy sprung for a new school dress for your big day.  Of course no one will actually see this dress on you for a few months.  It is, afterall, August.  In Georgia.  But, nevertheless, you will start school tomorrow, in your summer clothes, and begin your journey of education. 
Your teacher at the Richmond Hill United Methodist Church Pre-School is Miss Missy.  She seems lovely.  She told me at Open House that you will play, eat snacks, learn science, do crafts, dance and so much more.  Your friend's Michael and Lane Marie are in your class too.  To say you are excited about school is a real understatement.  Daddy will go into work late tomorrow so we can both escort you into your first day of school.
Let the lifelong adventure of learning begin!

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